WHITE LIKE ME: A Honky Dory Puppet Show

In the first part of Zaloom's latest puppet extravaganza, he introduces Mr. Butch Manly, an old school "cheeky boy" ventriloquist figure, who has been packed away for 50 years. As the ventriloquist updates him on current social and political developments, Butch's reacts to the news of a black president, gay marriage, women generals, and other developments in a "politically incorrect" manner, to put it mildly.

In part two, The Adventures of White-Man, Zaloom employs the old school, drawing room medium of toy theater to tell the story of the archetypical "white man" and his travails. White-Man leaves his planet Caucazoid, travels through space, "civilizes" the earth (populated with aliens), becomes a philanthropist and a savior, and finally, freaks out about his approaching minority status in the U.S. in 2040.

The puppet cast is drawn from Zaloom's collection of toy cars, action figures, dolls, wind-up toys, tchotchkes, weird junk, and rubbish. The diminutive action is video projected in high-def so that the audience can clearly witness the tiny puppet mayhem.

A comedy.

Click here to watch a short video excerpt.

Review by Richard Hinojosa,
Review by Thomas Hampton

Photo credit for above © Mark Brutsché