"If you have never seen the great and sincerely scathing Paul Zaloom in action, here's your chance...You'll laugh till you cry."

— Holland Cotter, New York Times

“Paul Zaloom is a wildly creative, stupendously resourceful performance artist who turns what is essentially trash into a trenchant and hilarious puppet show.”

Time Out New York

“The wit and wacky whimsy of Zaloom's found-object puppetry sustains one's faith in the power of human imagination and childlike wonder.”

— Alisa Soloman, Village Voice

“A Paganini of found objects, Zaloom is incredibly inventive in his use of props-if that isn’t too fancy a word to describe the junk employed in his hilarious low-tech effects.”

— F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times



“Paul Zaloom is vorpal, original, impressive...a particular kind of global satirist, the puppeteering product of our nuclear generation.”

— Kevin Kelly, Boston Globe

“…A scathingly hilarious political satirist. He’s a real original. His brilliance lies in his mad whimsy. And he’s a goofily inventive puppeteer.”

— Lloyd Richards, Washington Post

“A wildly funny puppeteer who is to junk what Itzhak Perlman is to the violin.”

— Dan Hulbert, Atlanta Constitution

“One of the funniest political satirists/puppeteers in the country.”

— Nora Giessen, Theater Week